Aurore Dassesse

Initially appearing under the name Arensky Trio, Ensembl’Arenski was formed in November 2012 in the wake of a concert organized by Euterpe in Kortrijk.

Invited to play the Arensky trio, these three young Belgian musicians decided to continue playing together following their sensational success.

Ensembl’Arenski has appeared at the following venues and festivals:

  • the Musiq3 festival in Flagey
  • the Beringen Casino (at the invitation of the Lyons Club)
  • the lunchtime concerts of the Musical Instrument Museum
  • the music centre De Bijloke
  • and more.

Claire Dassesse, Aurore Dassesse and Stephanie Proot seek to reexamine the classics and to introduce its audience to less familiar works.

They are playing as a trio but also in duo (violin-cello, cello – piano, violin-piano).

Between 2013 and 2015, Ensembl’Arenski has been improving its skills at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Belgium under the direction of the Artemis Quartet.

They were recently chosen to be Supernova 2017.


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